Sunday, June 29, 2014

The Perfect End To A Perfect Weekend

View of Providence from the waterfront
I slept in today till 10 AM due to the lateness of the previous night's blog post. I figured that since I have class tomorrow I should probably start a little bit earlier tonight, so that I can try and get up a bit earlier to be more prepared for the day ahead. There wasn't much going on today except for the fact that a ton of new students arrived. Throughout the day I kept seeing many new faces, in fact Caleb and I helped move a kid into his dorm room in Grad Building C. You get a really good feeling doing something for someone other than yourself and after sorting out all the kinks in his living arrangements we left with somewhat of an empowered feeling.

Providence Flea Market
After returning to the dorms and escaping the heat for a few minutes we decided to head down to the Providence Flea Market, as we had heard only good things about it. It took us awhile to find as we walked in the wrong direction at first, but we soon found it and with that all the interesting things accompanying it. I took a few passes past the camera tent but didn't really find anything interesting until I strolled by a guy who was selling a plethora of different items made from recycled skateboards. That peaked my interest and helped me notice all the different pictures that he was also selling around the side of the tent. I chatted with him for awhile about photography and after a long while I decided to buy a picture. It really reminded me of Berkeley, CA because of the cool graffiti taking part in it. It also has a pretty long depth-of-field, which is one type of shooting that I've been really interested in.

Steak & Salsa Eggrolls w/ Chipotle Sauce
After buying one though I decided I was pretty hungry and perused all the different food trucks that were parked to the side. We didn't really know what to get so we decided to try 2 out of the 4 trucks that were there. I was the only one who ended up getting anything though, with a Frozen Lemonade and Steak and Salsa Eggrolls, all for under $6! The Frozen Lemonade was perfect on the hot day and I don't think I'll ever have Steak and Salsa Eggrolls again that can compare to the ones I had today. In fact the pictures I got of the eggrolls may be some of the best ones I got all day.

We left the flea market around 3:30 though and decided that the main green would be a nice place to hang out until I had to leave for dinner. I got dressed around 4:35 and met my cohort in the front of Keeney at 4:45 PM sharp. Arnold was a little late so we ended up having to take a different bus to the dinner at Siena, an Italian restaurant in downtown Providence. We thought we would be late but it turned out that we were taking the same bus as the Brown students who were eating with us, so we all arrived at around the same time.
Left to Right: Bianca, Candy, & Arnold talking about school
Filet Mignon w/ Risotto & Green Beans
There were two tables totaling around twenty people. My table only had 8 people at it but I thought that it was the life of the party. Everyone seemed to have a different major, which was pretty cool, and they all had completely different takes on their time at Brown. The only aspect that didn't waver was the amount of love that they all had for Brown. Soon came the food though which was absolutely outstanding. Many of the people at my table had the Cioppino but I decided to have the Special Filet Mignon w/ Risotto and Green Beans. It was delicious and I didn't know if I could eat anymore, but when they brought out the beautiful dessert menu I had to force myself to order something. Tiramisu, Raspberry Sorbet, Honeycomb Cheesecake, and Chocolate Torte were the things that graced our table at the end of it all. Can you guess which one I got?
Chocolate Torte w/ a sinful Chocolate & Raspberry Sauce
Unfortunately, the buses stopped running at 6:30 so we had to walk all the way back to Brown, but it was actually a really nice walk. I talked with different Brown students about life, what I want to do in college, where I want to go, how I like Brown, and many more topics. We were back before we knew it thought and after meeting my friend Dylan, who just arrived today, we decided to head up to the 5th floor lounge for a little hang-out with our cluster. Some random games ensued but we had to go back to our rooms for curfew and a good night's sleep, which is what I really need to get. Jusqu'a a la prochaine fois!

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