Sunday, June 29, 2014

Woah, I Have Class Tomorrow?

Today could be seen as what people call a throwback, as today was a day spent with the cohort.  I woke up today at around 9 to get ready for another visit to the RISD.  This time, I would be with the rest of the cohort excluding Jack, as he slept in.  Jing and Kevin went to the museum first to meet with Ms. Scott while Arnold and I went to get breakfast since we woke up later than the two.  We checked the V Dub for our breakfast and passed by the new wave of 1-week students at the Main Green on our way there.  It made me feel kind of proud that I was now a source of help for these students and that I've been living on campus for a whole entire week.

Anyways, the V Dub turned out to be closed because the closing time for breakfast is at 9:30, a lesson to be learned for the next time we want breakfast on the weekends.  Arnold and I ended up just going to Starbucks because of that.  I told Arnold to go on ahead after he got his food, as I didn't want him to be late to the meeting.  After getting my doubly chocolate chip frappuccino and my morning bun, I decided to just go a bit later to the RISD and find the cohort somewhere inside the museum.  Thus, I went back into my dorm to enjoy a nice, quiet breakfast looking out at the view of Providence.  Following my breakfast I went to the RISD to explore the sections that I didn't check out on Friday.

By the end of the one hour exploration of the RISD, I realized that I still didn't cover everything that the RISD had to offer as I did not touch on the Egyptian and Asian section of the museum still. I guess I'll visit that section another day during my remaining two weeks here.  We visited the first Baptist church a few blocks away, but unfortunately they were closed to visitors and we just missed the tour by an hour.  We then moved on to the Roger Williams Memorial Park, a nice, green park memoralizing the founder of Rhode Island.  There was even an information building that had a five minute video on the history of Roger Williams. After our time at the park was over, we all headed back for lunch at the V Dub then to our dorms to get ready for our dinner with Brown students.

We decided to meet a little bit before 5 to catch a RIPTA bus to the restaurant, Siena.  We were almost late and ended up having to run in our formal clothing from the bus stop to the restaurant to make it two minutes early.  I'm sure the sight of a bunch of kids running in suits and nice clothes was quite the sight for the nearby pedestrians.  I think it's worth mentioning, though, that we unknowingly took the same bus as some of the students we would be dining with.  After introductions and all at the restaurant, we took our seats, spread out so we each could have a chance to talk with the students.  I sat next to two students named Lytisha and Camera as well as an alum named Julio. Talking with the students gave me great insight on how things work at Brown, including the two week shopping period that Brown offers and the open curriculum system that allows for freedom of class choices.  Speaking with everyone really made me realize that Brown is actually a school that I would like to go to for college.  The campus is beautiful, the community is super nice, and the academics seem very open, allowing for students to easily find their interest and the right major during their time here.  The surrounding city is modest and small, great for someone like me who comes from a small, quiet town.  I will surely be  looking into applying to Brown this fall

As for the food, we had pizza and calamari for appetizer and I ordered lobster mac&cheese for my entree. I've been craving calamari as of recent and the calamari here sure did not disappoint.  The seasoning was just right, the squid itself was easy to chew, and the fried portion was well done.  The mac&cheese was excellent as well.  Bread crumbs were scattered across the top, adding the crispiness missing from the dish. The cheese was really rich, and the lobster tasted great.  My overall experience was great, and even now I wish I could have it for a midnight snack, even though I didn't finish my plate sadly.  For dessert I had doughboys with Nutella and gelato, something that reminded me of something I would eat on a bad day at home.

After the meal we took a few pictures and some closing conversations.  I found out that one of the students sitting at the other table was my RA for the Boston trip yesterday, Candice.  I had a conversation with her about the dorms, her cluster, and my cluster.  Conversations ensued when we finally left for our long, uphill walk back to our dorms.  To my surprise, I found Candice and Camera talking with one of the RAs on my floor when I returned.  I gave a quick greeting to them and then went back to my room to change out of my sweaty suit and get some rest.

Today surely was like old times, going around with the cohort and eating fancy foods that my stomach can never seem to finish. It certainly didn't feel like a Sunday today nor does it feel like I have class tomorrow. Now, we're all sitting in our dorms doing our own things, never truly together.  I'm with Arnold and Jing a lot, and occasionally Kevin, but I've seem to lose touch with Jack. We're doing laundry together tomorrow, so that'll be nice I guess.  For now, I've stayed up too late and the lights are out, so I'll be sleeping.

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