Monday, June 16, 2014

Is It Anxiety, or Is It Excitement?

Four months and five days ago, just around this time, I was in the middle of an interview that would decide whether or not I would get the experience of a lifetime.  Today, I look back on that day and I am truly glad that I took the offered interview and am thankful that I was chosen.

I am currently writing my blog from my comfortable desk at home, still from the Bay Area.  However, starting tomorrow my blogs will be written from the East coast.  All of my items are packed and ready in two suitcases and a laptop bag, with the exception of some things that I will need tonight such as my retainer. The packing process was quite a hassle, with my and my mother trying to figure out what was actually needed and how everything would fit in each luggage bag.  Everything seems to barely fit and each bag is stuffed. As for the extra space for the souvenirs, we managed to stuff a small luggage bag inside another since I still have one more bag that I can check in for the flight.

During the past few nights when I was told to adjust my sleeping schedule, I felt anxious about the trip, causing me to stay up extra hours and giving me slight insomnia.  The fact that I will be leaving everything for a month still has not fully reached me yet, but surely it will eventually.  Typing on this familiar keyboard in front of my computer, seeing my friends, being in the same time zone with essentially everyone I know, and eating my grandma's delicious cooking, all of it will be missed.  However, the promise of a new place unknown to me keeps me excited.  The food, Brown University itself, the people, the culture, and most importantly, the experience make me look forward to this trip with my four other cohort members. Amidst all of my experiences however, I will certainly remember that I am representing the WCCUSD school district and show the best side of me at all times.  I will take back my newfound knowledge regarding Ivy League schools, the East coast, and this program and share it with the upcoming freshmen, sophomores, and juniors at my school.

Alas, it is starting to get late and our meeting time is only about seven hours from now.  My eyes are starting to droop and my bed is calling for me.  Hopefully I won't get too sick while I'm on the plane, as I am extremely prone to motion sickness.  Good night for the last time for a month, West coast, and to my cohort members and Don, I'll be seeing you guys at 3:30 AM!

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