Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Heat Is On

Thunderstorms, huh? That must mean rain! From where I come from, rain means cold! Alright! Just kidding. After hearing about the upcoming thunderstorms this week, I was hoping that it wouldn't turn out super humid or anything and instead cool like it would normally be back in the West coast.  Unfortunately for me, today was like being in a steam room.  I walked out of my dorm this morning seeing wet grass and darkened roads, signalling rainfall from the previous night.  I looked to the sky and saw traces of rain clouds.  The thunderstorms visited.

I'm 90% sure that this is my gel...
Class was a lab, gel electrophoresis to be exact.  The process involved using agar gel, different DNA solutions, and buffers.  I'd like to explain the process more, but then it would just feel like I'm typing that lab report I wrote during my sophomore year on gel electrophoresis all over again.  Instead, the "TL;DR" of the lab was simply dying the solutions, putting them into wells in the gel, and shooting volts through the gel while it's in a buffer to move the DNA.  Everything was fine for me during the lab up until I threw away my gel before checking that the pictures of the gels we were supposed to have on our flash drive was actually there. I popped my USB into the professors laptop, and to my disbelief, the photo of my gel did not save.  Thus, I had to dig through the pile of tossed out gels and find mine in order to take the picture once again.

After class, the DNA cohort and I went out with two friends from the class, Benjie (I'm sure you guys recognize the name from yesterday) and Joe.  Joe is a student from New Hampshire, although he is a native from Seoul.  He recommended a pizza parlor down on Thayer for us to eat at, Antonio's Pizza.  He ate there yesterday and said that the slices were pretty good, so we took his word for it and headed over to the restaurant for lunch.  I ordered a steak and mushroom pizza slice, which I do not regret in the least.  The cheese was fantastic and the freshness of the pizza was amazing.  I also took a pepperoni to go for my dorm as well.

The rest of the day simply consisted of meeting up with Ms. Scott for a check-up, dinner, and a walk around the south side of campus.  My roommate, Alex, was busy with a conference today, so I decided not to disturb him and went out to dinner.  When I came back from dinner about an hour later, he was still in the middle of his conference, so I decided to talk a walk around.  I've heard about music rooms that students can use for free on campus, so I looked it up on my phone.  Apparently, right on the south-east corner of campus, the Steiner building offers practice rooms with pianos and such, something that I definitely want to take advantage of.  However, I felt awkward going in by myself, it was almost sunset, and rain clouds were starting to form.  I didn't want to take the chance of walking home in the dark, in the rain, and without a friend, so I simply turned back after passing the building.

My roommate seems interested in checking out the Steiner building to see if they have a drum set, and I'm sure that Kevin would be thrilled to visit the building as well (right, Kevin?).  The week is ending and the first Friday of the school session is approaching, but oddly the sound of the weekend isn't as enticing as it is usually.  Perhaps it's because I'm not loaded with a ton of projects and such since I have only one class.  Oh yeah, and before I forget, just to emphasize: it is REALLY humid.

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  1. Brandon, definitely take advantage of the piano practice room. I want to hear about it! What a cool opportunity!

    I really love that you and Arnold got pictures of your lab results. It makes me feel like I am in the class, too.